Hup Seng Perusahaan Makanan (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Established in 1958, Hup Seng Perusahaan Makanan (M) Sdn. Bhd. are a leading crackers, cookies, biscuits and other confectionary food manufacturer in Malaysia.

Quality is Hup Seng’s philosophy. Over the years Hup Seng has achieved a number of certifications and awards for stringent quality control and food safety. These include, but not limited to ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP and BRC Global Standard. Hup Seng offers a wide range of products which include their widely known cream crackers and sugar crackers.

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Adeq Sue was formally established in 2014 and are producers of authentic Malaysian sauces. AdeqSue is focused on delivering instant pastes and sauces with the aim to make authentic meals fast and easy.


AdeqSue offers a wide range of products which include traditional sambal belacan, grilled fish pastes and anchovy sauce.

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“Lucky” Brand

Just as how everyone wishes to start a new year with luck, our Lucky brand is comprised of authentic Nyonya style Lunar New Year cookies and delicacies. Our traditional handmade Lunar New Year delicacies utilise traditional methods to ensure quality and authenticity.

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Lao Zi Hao

‘Lao Zi Hao’ is an original line of products that aims to deliver the best flavours of ready to eat products from South East Asia. Through the intricate selection of the finest ingredients and the stringent control processes put in place when producing the products, we can ensure that any purchase of the ‘Lao Zi Hao’ brand would deliver maximum satisfaction.

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Mamee Double-Decker

Mamee-Double Decker (M) Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia-owned brand founded in 1971 and has since established itself as a household name globally.
Mamee’s mission is to spread happiness & excitement through food experiences.
They are the leader in instant noodles and noodle snacks in Malaysia. Mamee produces a diverse range of snacks, biscuits, beverages and culinary food products. Mamee-Double Decker have been awarded various certifications that include: ISO 9000s, HACCP and Halal.

Vit Makanan (KL) Sdn Bhd

Vit Makanan ventured towards noodle manufacturing in 1977 and has ever since expanded significantly on their product range. Currently Vit’s range include shelf stable udon & ramen ranges and instant noodles (Taste of Malaysia).

Vit’s are widely known for their plain noodles, that allows everyone to explore their imaginations. Whether you’re making a stir-fry or a soup base – plain noodles can seek to fulfil your imagination in every situation.


Ibumie’s Mi Goreng range of instant noodles were the first Mi Goreng variant instant noodle launched in Malaysia and Singapore in 1982. The company was the first to develop the renowned toss dry noodles, better known as mi goreng. They have grown to become a leading producer in premium quality instant noodles with their range of dry based instant noodles.

Amongst its range of instant noodles, Ibumie Mi Goreng Asli has been a long-standing crowd favourite for many years. Other fan favourites include the Ibumie HarMee Soup and Penang White Curry, both bursting with authentic Penang hawker flavours.

Ibumie’s factory delivers strict quality control programs that include HACCP certification.

Eu Yan Sang

Founded by Eu Ah Kong in 1879, Eu Yan Sang has been offering its customers the best natural healthcare products and services, thus helping them achieve lifelong health and well-being. The company has since established itself as a foremost leader in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) throughout Asia. Eu Yan Sang offers a wide range of soup packs, chicken essences and quality birds nest.

Nowadays, Eu Yan Sang is a well-recognised name for its high quality and standards.


Our continual growth and serviceability to all aspects of the food industry has enabled us to carry a wide range of major brands from many international brands.